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General FAQ

What is Two Guys Make Chinese?
Two Guys Make Chinese is a free dining experience that mimics authentic American-Chinese cuisine with food that is made from scratch.

How many guys make Chinese?

When was the first Two Guys Make Chinese dinner?
September 21, 2014.

Where do Two Guys Make Chinese dinners take place?
Houses, condos, apartments, under bridges.

How much does it cost?
Two Guys dinners are free. They always have been and always will be.

So it’s all free?

How often do these dinners occur?
Once or twice a year depending on our availability.

Do you serve an entree besides General Tso’s?

Will you offer more menu items in the future?

So it’s the same food every time?

What about desserts?
We strive to serve at least one homemade dessert. In the past, we’ve made chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream, brownies, ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cookie bowls.

How do I get invited to a Two Guys Make Chinese dinner?
Be our friend.

I’m your friend, but I’ve never been invited.
Well then maybe you should text us more often to see how we’re doing.

Can I be invited to the next one?
Sure. Just text one of us.

When is the next dinner?
Text us to find out. Or check this site for updates.

How many people do you serve?
In the past, we’ve served up to 20 people.

Is the food spicy?
The fried rice isn’t. The chicken can be depending on the quantity and Scoville scale value of the red chili peppers we use.

Why do you guys do this?
Because we love Chinese food. And our friends. And who doesn’t love eating free food?

Is Two Guys Make Chinese trademarked?
Not yet.

How long does it take to cook everything?
It varies depending on the number of guests we expect to serve. But, anywhere from five to nine hours.

How much chicken do you use?
At our dinner in May 2019, we used approximately 12 pounds of chicken for 12 people.

How much rice do you use?
At our dinner in May 2019, we cooked approximately five pounds of rice.

Who is Mike Bronson?
He’s a phony Facebook account we made in order to post about Two Guys Make Chinese in Facebook groups without people knowing it was us. Unfortunately, we forgot what email we used, so his account can never be accessed again.

Who is Katerina Hillios?
Honestly, we have no idea. All we know is that she really wanted our food.

Are Two Guys dinners located at ADA accessible venues?
Please call ahead to ensure a satisfactory experience.

Dietary FAQ

Do you use MSG?
No. However, MSG isn’t dangerous. Despite the negative stigma that MSG is bad for people, there is a lack of evidence that MSG is the root cause any of the common issues supposedly stemming from its consumption. From the FDA: “in studies with such individuals given MSG or a placebo, scientists have not been able to consistently trigger reactions.” Read more here.

Is Two Guys Make Chinese vegetarian-friendly?

Is Two Guys Make Chinese vegan-friendly?

Is Two Guys Make Chinese gluten-free?

Will Two Guys Make Chinese be vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly or gluten-free in the future?
Probably not. Also, vegans aren’t invited.

Do you have nutritional information like calories and fat for the food you serve?

Do you have a list of ingredients? I’m curious about your recipe.
We use an age-old, super secret recipe that’s been handed down from generation to generation and is easily found with a Google search.

I’m allergic to peanuts.
That’s not a question…and unfortunately, our products contain peanut oil.

I’m allergic to eggs.
Both our chicken and rice contain eggs. Sorry.

I’m allergic to shellfish.
We sometimes use small amounts of oyster sauce in our recipe. Please let us know beforehand if you have questions.

I’m allergic to milk and other dairy products.
We don’t use any dairy products in our chicken or fried rice. Stay away from our desserts, though.

I’m lactose intolerant.
See above.

What if I have other questions?
Text or tweet us.